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Congratulate REVERE on getting the entrepreneurship hero post of Optical Valley

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On October 22, the Yangtze River Daily Greater Wuhan client reported that painless blood test, single cell printing, bacterial colony transplantation… On the 21st, the Qingtong section of the China Optics Valley 3551 International Entrepreneurship Competition (the special session of the biomedical and medical device industry) held a roadshow online and offline at the same time, and many talent projects from home and abroad were displayed on the same stage.

Activity site. The pictures in this article were taken by reporter Kang Hualei except for the marks

This special session was hosted by the Organization Department of the CPC Wuhan Municipal Committee, the Management Committee of Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone, and the Wuhan Talent Work Bureau, and hosted by the Organization Department of the East Lake High-tech Development Zone (Talent Recruitment Bureau), the Science and Technology Innovation and New Economic Development Bureau, the Working Committee of the Communist Youth League Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone, and the Wuhan National Bioindustry Base Construction Management Office, etc., Wuhan Optics Valley Talent Group Co., Ltd Wuhan Optical Valley Biological Industry Base Construction Investment Co., Ltd.

Activity site

The China Optics Valley 3551 International Entrepreneurial Competition, which has been held for six times with the introduction of “competition”, has been comprehensively renewed this year, and the competition system has changed. From 2022, it will be divided into the Qingtong stage and the peak stage. The Qingtong stage (preliminary stage) will be registered regularly, and roadshows will be held regularly to create a “never-ending entrepreneurship competition”. There will be docking every day, roadshows every week, and competitions every month.

Activity site

Including the above projects, there are also single-cell printing system, REVERE scientific research reagent, research and development and industrial application of precise enterobacteria transplantation diagnosis and treatment technology, cell immunity scientific research and biological process detection tools and core materials, nucleic acid real-time diagnosis products and industrialization, “oil plate” guard – anti-influenza virus innovator, community-based cardiopulmonary rehabilitation system construction E pet era – 7 projects such as the New Blue Sea, which developed the Chinese pet dog industry, were awarded the “Optical Valley Entrepreneurial Hero Post” by the representative of the contest organizer.

Come to Optics Valley!

The national biological industry base has attracted 762 global talent teams

Biomedicine is highly specialized, with complex technical requirements, and involves multiple disciplines. “It is not easy to obtain a thousand troops, and one will be more difficult to obtain” is a common problem faced by the biomedical industry.

There is a highland in the world where talents are constantly gathered – talents who have experienced the operation of start-up pharmaceutical companies and the listing process of the company on NASDAQ in Silicon Valley come here, and the innovative drugs developed by the founding enterprises have been approved by the FDA of the United States; Later, the doctor from the medical school of famous overseas universities came, and the talent who served as the head of industrial transformation in the National Brand Center came, and the professors from the double-top universities also came here to start their own businesses

Optical Valley Biological City. Correspondent provides drawings

The Optics Valley Biomedical Industry Cluster was selected as the national strategic emerging industry cluster. The number of medical device manufacturing enterprises in Optics Valley ranked fourth in the national park, with an output value of nearly 100 billion yuan, and was selected as the key high-tech zone of the national biomedical industry.

Optics Valley Biological City has been ranked in the first square of China’s bio-pharmaceutical industrial park, and has developed into an industrial cluster with large influence, strong innovation ability, complete industrial system and significant talent gathering effect in the central region. It has formed a complete industrial chain from basic research and development to clinical application. The park has gathered more than 3000 biological enterprises, introduced and cultivated WuXi Kangde, Humanwell Group, Sinopharm Holdings, Sinopharm Instruments, Mindray Medical Leading enterprises such as BGI, Lianying Medical, and Keqian Biology.

With the theme of high-tech industrialization, Optics Valley Biological City has selected innovative and entrepreneurial talents in the fields of biomedicine, high-end equipment manufacturing and other industries globally. So far, it has attracted 31 academicians at home and abroad, 32 national-level talents and 762 high-level talent teams at home and abroad for innovation and entrepreneurship, gathering more than 400 new drug pipelines under research.

China has made significant achievements in many fields, including biomedicine, and has entered the ranks of innovative countries. While contributing to Hubei’s construction of a national pilot area for building a new development pattern, Optics Valley is taking the lead in promoting the East Lake Science City innovative drug industry base, and fully promoting the construction of four major scientific and technological innovation centers, including the Global Life and Health Science and Technology Innovation Center. It is urgent to gather the first resources.